We are a bridge

We are builders experts

We are growth architects

We are a venture building solution,

 to help corporates accelerate their digital transformation across Africa.

We craft independent companies.

We hire talented CEO's.

We provide awesome Advisors.

What we do 

The Process

Simple straightforward process, in just three easy steps, you are on your way to get your venture being crafted.


Meet the builders

It all starts with saying "Hi".

We help you understand our process for better alignment of goals on both sides.


Define the problems

Meeting with our consultants helps you to better analyze the situation and better define the problem you are trying to solve.


Build the ventures

The builders team comes up with a multi-step venture building roadmap to address the problem, grow it, and scale it.

Want to know more ?

There is a lot more to know about us.

We are backed by a pool of talented african consultants and an international council of advisors.


11 bis rue de cotte

+33 1 86 95 91 69


140 boulevard zerktouni

+212 6 78 40 81 31

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